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Why do I need it?

With CRM you can manage your contacts, communicate with your customers, create selections and import / export addresses. The CRM enables a structured and automated logging of all contact and customer data.

What do you get with CRM system?
Import/Export to Excel, integrated CRM with forms.
  • Systematic data collection
  • Control sales
  • Create personalized marketing
  • Use data for mailing and follow-up
  • Decrease the time needed to collect incoming data

You can have FREE CRM till 1000 Client addresses, you can also upgrade the technical limitation of usage by choosing one of the Business Suite package HERE:

Business Suite packages


Forms builder, let`s imagine you are interested to have the landing page where you have to place some questions and receive the answer or just to collect the data from users of your page, or to receive the request for an offer.

The form builder is the best tool to create any type of form with different targets, complexity and different required fields. You can create registration forms in different languages in some minutes. The forms will be integrated in your website and automatically collect the data in CRM system, so that you do not need to search for the contact in your mail box afterwards.

The amazing, modern tool to create web-forms very fast, collect data on the systematic base, to receive the notification on your mail.

The form builder is adapted for all type of devices and uses responsive design. You have a preview of the forms before you place it on the page.

You do not need to be a professional or use additional HTML code for installation, just download plugin and start using the smart, modern software.

Download free forms & CRM plugin
WBS Interface

You will get the customer relationship manager software which is fully integrated with WordPress.

The business is very dynamic. Have you asked yourself how to make the business processes running in an efficient way? How to save time and money from services that bring no results? And by the end, how to organize and combine the few functions of different processes without real knowledge of programming?


You are on the beginning of your business development strategy. You do not have a budget to have a big team. How could be these issues solved and how to avoid extra cost?


Here is the answer how to grow your business and how to avoid expensive programming costs.


This CRM plugin for WordPress is allows you

  • to create filter.
  • to collect quantitative data.
  • to edit.
  • to upload images.
  • to create forms.
  • to collect your own data from the website.
  • to integrate data with marketing and sales tools.
  • to have statistics.
  • to automatically create a leads database.
  • to use data in lead manager.
  • feel free and get the support to organize and grow your business.

Get here the CRM plugin for WordPress which will help to systematize your processes and make them run automatically.

Download free forms & CRM plugin

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